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One thought on “About

  1. 1.She is my mother’s Parental cousin. so she is my Chiththi.
    2.She took a Photo of me and my mother at her Linghi chetty street house.The Flash bulb burst.For a 13 year old boy. i t was a mystery.
    3.When I was studying Engineering She was kind enough to send me “Aristo Studio”slide rule from USA for making calculations(times before electronic calculators invented).
    4.Both Dr.Madhvanath (chiththappa) and she were instrumental by accommodating me in their place for more than 234 days to get into merchant navy at Bombay.
    5.I have always wondered the depth of knowledge of her in many fields.
    6.She even encouraged me to write short stories in Tamil.
    7.When in Bombay I wanted to invite a class mate of mine for a lunch at her house.I sought her permission.She immediately said:”Oh yes. I am glad.I will come to know one more person in my life”.
    8 to infinity: so much to remember about her.

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